Custom Trailers

Competition Marine performs service work and repair for trailers, in addition to carrying a full line of trailer parts.

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We view trailer construction in three different parts: frame, boat support and under-carriage. The frame determines the structural strength and look of the trailer. The boat support allows easy loading and unloading of your boat. Finally, the under-carriage provides both the weight-carrying capacity as well as the shock absorption that you need. If you have question, please contact us - we know our product line and your unique boating conditions.

Magic Tilt, one of Competition Marine's primary trailer suppliers, has been building quality boat trailers since 1953. Since then, Magic Tilt has grown into one of the largest boat trailer manufacturers in the country. Some of the things that make Magic Tilt different and better include:

  • Over 22,000 trailers from two facilities: Between our Kenner, LA, and Clearwater, FL, manufacturing facilities, Magic Tilt produces a full line of aluminum and galvanized steel trailers, from personal watercraft up to 40' deep Vee fishing boats. With each trailer, we strive to provide the finest value in the marine industry.

  • Mobile Service Team: Our roaming service teams are constantly on the road to better service our customers, the dealers, and the boaters. No other trailer manufacturer offers complete service that comes to your dealer when you need it.

  • Constant Product Innovation: Having nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge gives us a real edge on producing safe, reliable trailers to pull your boats and free you from worrying about transporting your investment. In addition, we have a staff of industrial, mechanical, materials and welding engineers to design, analyze, and test our products to ensure they reflect positively on our 60-year heritage.

  • Humility: We all know that with every trailer we produce, we test the legacy of 60 years in the boating industry. It is a rich legacy that we are careful to nurture, protect and improve - so that we may enjoy another sixty serving our dealers and their customers.

    We carry the right trailer for your boat!